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PET NEWS: We regret that we have put restrictions on Pit Bulls and Rottweiler's. They are no longer welcomed at the campground.


History of Old Fort from the early colonial days

 Davidson's Fort

Davidson's Fort, Pioneer fort 1775 click here to "visit their website."

By the mid 1700's, European settlers had come into the Catawba Valley.  In 1763, the British made a treaty with the Cherokee Nation agreeing that Europeans would not settle west of the Blue Ridge Mountains; nonetheless, in the early to mid-1770's several settler families -- among them the brothers John, Samuel, William and George Davidson -- took up land in what is now McDowell County, including the present site of Old Fort.  The summer of 1776 saw an increase in Cherokee violence against settlers, and, as a result, a small fort was constructed on land acquired by the Davidsons at the headwaters of the Catawba River.  Built by North Carolina militia soldiers, it was called Davidson’s Fort and was continually garrisoned by militia troops for the protection of North Carolina’s far-western settlements.  Davidson’s Fort was the final departure point for some 2700 militia troops led by General Griffith Rutherford as they began a campaign into Cherokee territory in the fall of 1776.


Old Fort visit their website "www.oldfort.org"


Since 1869 travelers through these mountains looked for the familiar sight of a spouting manmade geyser and a resort hotel tucked away at the base of the Blue Ridge this signaled the start of the long climb to Asheville through some of the most scenic sights in North Carolina. When the train passes through this town again (plans call for passenger rail service to resume in coming years), travelers will stop at the tall, hand-carved arrowhead next to the depot, signaling a stop in the historic town of Old Fort. A town committed to preserving its heritage, and having some fun along the way. As one of the oldest towns in the region, Old Fort prides itself on its historic roots. Originally a fort built by the colonial militia before the Declaration of Independence, the settlement served for many years as the western outpost of the early United States.

You’ll feel a change the minute you arrive in Old Fort. Our down-home southern welcome can bring a smile to even the most stressed-out face. Our winding roads and mountain vistas are world renowned for untying knots in overworked shoulders, and we’ve yet to meet a pair of feet that could resist the toe-tapping sounds of our mountain music. In Old Fort, you won’t find tourist glitz or overdeveloped sprawl. Just real people, real beauty and real fun.

 andrew's geyser

Andrews Geyser just outside of town.


Old Fort Depot

Old Fort Depot


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